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About Us

Pazi’s Place is a family owned business that was opened In July 2011. Pamela along with her husband Dan has created an atmosphere that takes you back to the 1950-1960’s when times were much simpler.  Their daughter Stephanie is the creative person that has named all the nostalgic omelets and dreams up all the specials.   Their son Brian is part of the marketing and business strategy.   Owning a diner was always something Pamela dreamed of and along with her family this dream has come true.

There are many people that have inspired the creation of the menu and the atmosphere.  Dan’s father was a photographer and is the inspiration behind all the black and white photos that adorn the walls of the diner creating a museum like feel.   Pam’s mother and father with their southern heritage were the inspiration behind some of the breakfast dishes like the homemade biscuits and gravy called Pop’s Legacy and the Waffle with fruit named after Meme.

We have created a dining atmosphere that is fun and brings back memories. Come on in and join us and enjoy the music and the pictures from the past.

Pam, Dan, Brian and Stephanie Leite

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Pazi's Place
380 Taunton Avenue
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